Pilates/Core Strengthening


What would be fun for YOU to try? Let us find a routine that works for you. Top of the line pilates reformer and chair? BOSU? TRX? Total Gym? Surfset? We have all this and more to choose from. Need a jump start or a home routine? We can help!

Individual, couples or small group training


The best way to reignite your fitness and wellness routine with individualized attention and customized programming. Bring a friend or partner and allow that extra accountability to increase your fun and bring faster results! See our prices page for details

Boot Camp/Pilates/Yoga classes i


Starting in January, Pasha will be holding classes at the Integrative Health Center of Maine in Cumberland and at the new community center in North Yarmouth.

See classes link

Counseling Services


Holistic counseling is also available. This work is more specifically focusing on your mental and emotional health as you work through life's challenges and transitions. Our work together may still include breath work, meditation, and yoga. I will undoubtedly encourage you to look at your fitness and nutritional habits. I firmly believe that physical and mental health go hand in hand. That being said, sometimes we just need to talk, make eye contact, hear each others stories, work through past traumas and find a place of deeper compassion and self awareness. I am open to meeting in studio or outside to talk and walk or even at a coffee shop. Let me know what feels safe and healing for you. I look forward to helping you on your wellness journey. 

Upcoming events


See event page to read about our upcoming retreats and events! Also, you have a unique opportunity to join my coaching/comedy program, ROAR with LAUGHTER!!!

Women's Retreats!

Couples Retreats!

Men's Groups!

Support Groups!

Signature Offer!


Our signature offer is the most popular choice for clients. 10 personal training sessions at the discounted price of $900 (reg $100/per). 10 sessions is just the right amount of time to establish new routines, see results, and find yourself feeling and looking better physically, emotionally, socially, and energetically.