Glowing reviews from studio and retreats clients!

This is a wholehearted shout-out to Pasha Marlowe of Roots and Springs!She is a holistic personal trainer...she is my trainer...and she is a beautiful breath of fresh air in the crowded field of wellness. Pasha stands out. She turns the old stories upside down. I never thought I would work with a personal trainer. But Pasha is different...and I decided I'm worth the investment to meet my wellness goals as an entrepreneur and mother in my mid-40s!

I came to Pasha with some injuries (shoulder issues and SI Joint Dysfunction) and a desire to get stronger and to find relief from chronic stress. I was feeling frustrated because although I live a pretty active life, I have not been able to stick to a strength training routine at home. I don't have time to drive the 30 minutes to the gym (and do not enjoy myself in these settings).

Pasha worked with me one-on-one to develop a sensible, fun, and customized program that I could stick to in the comfort of my own HOME 🙂. She is incredibly encouraging, highly intuitive, and wise.

I feel so nurtured and supported in her presence. She has helped me see just how active I already am, and has helped me celebrate in a new way. Rather than beating myself up about what I'm NOT doing, I'm focusing on what I AM doing. This mindset shift has allowed me to look forward to my exercises, and I naturally want to keep going and see how strong I can get.

I've had sessions in the studio, but also a Zoom video session where I felt like she was right in my home with me! The whole session was recorded too. Amazing! So during those times that I can't drive to the studio, I can Zoom with Pasha and stay on track.

I highly recommend working with Pasha. She has also just launched an amazing program: ROAR with LAUGHTER"-Deb Perkins, client

"Artfully integrates"

Pasha is unique as a trainer and an expert in promoting wellbeing. She artfully integrates multiple healing modalities from strength and cardio training to yoga to Pilates to Ti Chi etc. I particularly love her yoga sessions which are structured as well as Improvisational. Her cuing for posing is exceptional, really helping you understand a pose deeply- with body and mind. And she was expert in adjusting training to fit my needs as a 61 year old with a serious back injury. I recommend Pasha and inward bound with zero reservation-Henry S.

"Tailored every workout"

Pasha single handedly helped me and my back feel the best I have in years. She tailored every workout and yoga session to what I needed and I couldn’t have been more grateful every single week! She went out of her way to help find days, times and locations that worked for our yoga crew. Saying she went above and beyond is an understatement! Her gentle nature, mixed with a sense of humor, knowledge of what will make a body feel good, and ability to make everyone in the room feel comfortable and welcome makes pasha and her studio THE best I’ve ever ever been to!-Christa S

"Friendly and fun!" 

I had the pleasure of working out with Pasha @ Roots and Springs Studio earlier this week! Such a great re-set getting back to my workout schedule! Pasha's studio and equipment were top-notch. The workouts were challenging but fun! She tailored some workouts to accommodate a recent knee surgery and a funky back. Pasha is friendly and fun! We can't wait to go back! -Amy T

"Equipment was top notch!"

I thoroughly enjoyed training with Pasha at her studio. The setup of the space was fluid, open & cheerful. When the weather cooperated, she moved the workout outdoors to take advantage of the fresh air & sunshine. The equipment was top notch. But the best part of the training was Pasha. She was extremely knowledgeable and knew when to push you and when other methods were more beneficial to you both physically and emotionally. She kept the workouts challenging as well as interesting which was a key motivator for me. I looked forward to our sessions every week and hope to continue via Skype now that we are no longer 5 minutes apart. On top of being a talented trainer, Pasha is a very uplifting and lighthearted person to be around. She is a superstar!-Robin M

"One of the best instructors"

I’ve practiced yoga and fitness with Pasha for nearly fifteen years. Pasha is a soulful, competent instructor with the ability to be flexible in her teaching.
She is very intuitive and will adjust her practice to your particular needs. One of the best instructors I’ve practiced with.-Betty W

"I would not trust my body and it's limitations to anyone but Pasha"

Pasha is a true healer, and a breath of fresh air. As an athlete who has experienced two back surgeries, and a concussion, I would not trust my body and it's limitations to anyone but Pasha. She really took the time to get to know me and my body, adjusting to my specific needs even when life situations were less than ideal. As a teacher, turned friend, I would recommend her without hesitation.-Mariah C