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Holistic Counseling/Life Coaching

Pasha offers two ways to receive life coaching and counseling. You can meet in the studio for a private /couples holistic counseling experience OR you can bravely explore the world of comedy in Pasha's groundbreaking six week group life coaching program, ROAR with LAUGHTER, which culminates in an evening of comedic storytelling starring YOU! For more information,  go to 


Holistic counseling is a unique healing experience.  Pasha has combined her background as a marriage and family therapist with her love for physical/mental health through movement and coaching. Counseling, more than personal training, specifically focuses on your mental and emotional health as you work through life's challenges and transitions. Our work together may still include breath work, meditation, and yoga. I will undoubtedly encourage you to look at your fitness and nutritional habits, but there is a focus on mindset. I firmly believe that physical and mental health go hand in hand. That being said, sometimes we just need to talk, hear each others stories, work through past traumas and find a place of deeper compassion and self awareness. I am open to meeting online, in studio or your home, outside, or even at a coffee shop. I am open to meeting with you individually or as a couple/family. Let me know what feels safe and healing for you. I look forward to helping you on your wellness journey. 

I am comfortable and experienced in talking about numerous issues including, but not limited to:

navigating the physical and emotional nuances of illness, including lyme 


divorce/coparenting/blended families

empty nesting/care taking parents


sexuality/pleasure/gender issues



$100/session (+$25 added cost with travel) SEE PAY PAL BUTTON BELOW


It is time for YOU! Signature package of 10 sessions ONLINE

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Our most popular package and the greatest gift you can give yourself! Pasha will design for you a program that is customized to meet your goals, while honoring any limitations. 10 sessions offers you long term commitment and accountability. You will improve your physical strength, tone, lengthen, increase flexibility, and learn ways to optimize your mental and social well being...all while having fun! Each session is different, depending on what YOU need that day. 


Holistic Personal Training/ Counseling/Life Coaching Single

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Sometimes you just need a jump start or a tune up to keep your fitness and wellness routine safe, fresh, and effective. In this session, Pasha will design a customized workout (cardio/pilates/strength/yoga) that you can enjoy at home or at the gym. We will explore what movements work for you as we honor your limitations. A great gift for someone you love! Use this button for holistic counseling session as well.


New or returning to exercise? Try our popular 10 for 30min

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Sometimes 30 minutes of exercise is enough. Often people who are new or returning to a wellness routine prefer to do 30 minute sessions two times a week. We can do plenty in 30 minutes to safely challenge your strength and/or flexibility. A wonderful way to stay consistent and committed to your new healthy habits



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Use this for single classes or support groups at $20. If you would like to purchase a class pack and it is not listed, please contact Pasha. 


HALF PRICE COVID SPECIALS! Contact Pasha to determine cost

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This button is for services and adventures that are available during our covid specials (everything is half price!) 

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PERSONAL TRAINING (package dependent)