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Pasha was recently interviewed on the Living LIfe with Lynda radio program. Click below to hear more about her wellness philosophies and learn about all the happenings at Roots and Springs Studio! A fun and informative talk!

Holistic personal training and counseling

Roots and Springs Philosophy and About Pasha

Let pleasure be the measure of your health and wellness! Are you enjoying your life and able to move with comfort and ease? Are you experiencing joy with your friends and family? Do you feel at peace with yourself and your body? Do you "know what to do", but keep putting your self care last or do not know where to start? Do you find your self talk to be negative or judgmental? 

Do any of these resonate with you? I can help!

Fitness and wellness have so much more to do with what happens inside your brain and outside of the gym/studio. I want you to love yourself and respect yourself enough to invest in yourself. I want you to take your wellness home and outdoors and live your best life possible. Your fitness goal may be the ability to get in and out of a kayak with ease, play energetically with your kids, travel without pain, or even just put your socks on without sitting. A good day may look like you speaking kindly to yourself. It may look like an opportunity to compete in an endurance race for one person and the ability to walk the dog with joy for another. I celebrate and honor YOUR individual path and will create a program that will become a sustainable wellness routine you will stick with and enjoy. 

Please feel free to make an appointment for a free consultation. You can see the space, meet me, and see all that the studio has to offer. We have pilates equipment (reformer and chair), TRX, Total Gym, Surfset, barre, BOSU, and several other fun fitness "toys" to make your workout fun. Of course, some people come for more quiet, mindful movement such as yoga or tai chi. Whatever your needs are (and they change day by day), I will meet you where you are at. I will listen to your story and honor any limitations. I will create a program for you that meets your physical, emotional, social, and energetic needs. Holistic personal training is about you and ALL that you are. I happily work with women, men, and children and enjoy small group sessions for friends/couples/parent-child.  

Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions. I love my work and I am always happy to help. 

I look forward to knowing you and helping you reach your goals. 

Holistic counseling is also available. This work is more specifically focusing on your mental and emotional health as you work through life's challenges and transitions. Our work together may still include breath work, meditation, and yoga. I will undoubtedly encourage you to look at your fitness and nutritional habits. I firmly believe that physical and mental health go hand in hand. That being said, sometimes we just need to talk, hear each others stories, work through past traumas and find a place of deeper compassion and self awareness. I am open to meeting in studio or outside to talk and walk or even at a coffee shop. Let me know what feels safe and healing for you. I look forward to helping you on your wellness journey. 

Peace, Pasha



Pasha Marlowe, 49, received her masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in 1996 from Pacific Lutheran University in Seattle, WA. She has been a nationally certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and yoga teacher since 1996. She is also trained in pilates, tai chi, spinning, and strength training. Her specialty certifications include older adults, pre/post surgery training, joint rehabilitation, senior fitness, and mind-body healing for PTSD/depression/anxiety. Pasha combines her experience and wisdom as a therapist with her mind-body passion to create a unique personal training session that will improve a client's physical, emotional, mental, and social wellbeing. Pasha lives in North Yarmouth, Maine with her husband and youngest son. She has two adult children and decades of life experience including two marriages, three joint replacements, six surgeries, a rockstar camp experience, and 18 moves throughout the country. Pasha celebrates and models persistence, resiliency, and courage through vulnerability and service to her community, clients, friends, and family. 

Pasha Marlowe has been a nationally certified fitness professional for 24 years

Pasha Marlowe has been a nationally certified fitness professional for 24 years 

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