Pasha Marlowe, the owner of Roots and Springs.

Retreats and Coaching Programs with Pasha

ROAR with LAUGHTER, a FUN six week experience that culminates in YOUR stand up comedy routine!

Spaces open for men and women to join this groundbreaking coaching program where participants tell their heartbreaking and hilarious life stories in a stand up comedy routine! Now that sounds thrilling and terrifying, right?!

You get six weeks of coaching, daily fb support, two in person social gatherings, a full day retreat and a professional performance space with an audience to make this experience as real and powerful as possible. 

If you want to be seen and heard and move out of your comfort zone and into your zone of courage and magic, this is your time! 

Email me for more details!


We had a fantastic first group in December. What a compassionate and thoughtful group of men! It was so heartwarming, we are doing it again...and often!

Men have something to talk about and need support, too! We will discuss life, love, family, work, and play. We will discover ways to improve our physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well being. A supportive, non-judgmental, friendly group in a comfortable home studio environment. Open to all ages. 

Facilitated by John and Pasha Marlowe. Pasha is an experienced wellness group leader and John is a school teacher. Meetings take place in a cozy studio space in their home.

$20/person-first one free!!!!

Invite a friend!

A book, candles, a blanket, a cup of tea on a wooden floor.



Saturday, Feb 8 9am-4pm

Join Pasha Marlowe for a day of catered food and drink, cozy community, creative conversation, cuddly yoga, calming hot tubbing, and collaboration!

The perfect winter self care day!

$129 includes catered food and drink and hot tubbing in the main house, next to the magical barn in the woods